Saturday, May 31, 2008

What a week! Lots of new stuff!

M Guess the flavor??? COOL!

They look awfully yummy...

I already love the regular Dibs -- I guess this is their version of the 100-Calorie packs (but more than 100 calories). I personally like the toffee and mint flavor Dibs. Perfect snack size post-GBS.

New food product at Taco Bell

Always love the grab & go stuff -- even though WAY overpriced and easy enough to make yourself!

Looked yummy -- haven't bought them yet

Don't mess with the original!


No interest...

LOVE SMARTFOOD! I'll definitely buy these -- I've been buying the small Pirate Booty bags -- these are healthier and fewer calories.

Look how young Harrison Ford looks!!!!!


Can't wait to try it... and hope they make "no sugar added" or "sugar free" soon!

Limited Edition designs for 4th of July -- no new flavors though

They look good!

Liquid filled? I'm a little hesitant to try them.... waiting for Brett's review.

Fudge-filled? Don't mess with my white creme filling!

Bought it but haven't tried it yet. I usually prefer minty gum flavors, so we'll see.

Michelle says they aren't new, but I've never seen this shape before!


Maybe Talia will try them and let us know how they are!


Again -- fruity gum usually doesn't do it for me...

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nkd said...

1. We have Barbie cereal (Ron bought it for Talia). It's really gross (but secretly good). Talia doesn't like it.

2. All that grab and go stuff is terrible for the environment-- packaging packaging packaging.