Monday, May 26, 2008


A really strong Raspberry flavor -- I was surprised at how distinctive it was!

Like the raspberry M&Ms, a really strong cherry taste! These went very fast at work -- a big hit with my students!

Loving dark chocolate as much as I do, I was really looking forward to these -- but I didn't love the bitterness -- I liked the plain dark chocolate M&Ms better.

OUTSTANDING! These better stay on the shelves after the Indiana Jones hype is over... well worth making it a regular M&Ms product! I bought about 6 bags at the dollar store for $.50 each and put them in a bowl in my kitchen -- I can't stay away!

The mint crisp M&Ms (above) are better than the plain mint M&Ms. The almond M&Ms are the same as the regular almond ones... just in Christmas-y colors.

Can't I just make my own 100 calorie packs of M&Ms?

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nkd said...

Can't you make your own 100 calorie packs of EVERYTHING?