Friday, January 9, 2009

Welcome 2009 -- Year of the CARBS!?!?

I'm not a Sandies fan -- they're too dry for me -- but I have to admit, "dark chocolate almond" is enticing... I may have to break down!

Leave me alone - I'm pregnant - I'm allowed to eat crap. (They were pretty good!)

Delicious, but surprisingly tiny cookies. Except you get a lot in one pouch.

Special K seems to be coming out with new products each week! Are you telling me, in this economy, it's worth the money to come out with a new CRACKER?!?!? I couldn't even buy them.

Blueberry -- you'd think they had blueberry already, with all the Special K cereals! But it's new!

I bought the honey roasted cashew mixed berry bars -- VERY good!

I wouldn't even dare try them. But look closely, you can see BRETT in the background of the picture! LOL!

Lots of new Kashi TLC granola flavors -- I would try pumpkin spice first. I don't love my granola bars "topped" with things, but I guess it's worth a shot.

I've been craving popcorn lately -- and cheese -- so had to buy these two new food products. Will try them soon and report back!

Wonder if it's like Smartfood. Maybe healthier, at least?
Dale and Thomas (I need to find a distributor around here!) has some GREAT new products! Check these out! SO DECADENT!! Chocolate bars with popcorn centers!?!?!

Chocolate covered popcorn balls?!?!?

Chocolate covered TRUFFLES?!?!?!
I'm dying to try ANY of these!!!!