Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SO many new things!!!!

Saw these at Costco -- haven't tried them yet -- not sure what the difference will be!

Looking forward to trying... but still have several boxes of white cheddar in my pantry!

Eating one right now! They're small, but pretty tasty!

DELICIOUS!!! Very light and crispy!

Finally found these at Wegman's -- hopefully they'll hit Long Island soon! I bought EIGHT cases!

REALLY good! Peanut butter apple!! YUMMY! And all the popcorn balls are so big and round!

I love these right out of the freezer!

Hate coconut -- maybe Linda will try them and comment? Hint hint?

Marley likes the colors -- and I feel like it's healthier than regular pasta, so it's this stuff for us from now on!
Marley loves it!
Just a new shape -- but I do love to dip!