Monday, May 26, 2008


I was really excited about these (pronounced "Doo-Oh's".... not "Dwoz", Faye!) But I found myself skipping over the sharp cheddar and zesty queso flavors for the lighter parmesan and cheddar blanco. My favorite Cheez-It flavor is White Cheddar, so naturally I gravitated towards the white ones.

A perfect snack. I like the White Cheddars better. I was on a daily ziploc of these at work for awhile...

Really good, but would be even better if it was JUST Cheez-Its!

Never tried them -- I'm a-scared!

Being that White Cheddar is my favorite flavor Cheez-It, I thought I'd love these -- but I found them tasteless and too light and airy -- no substance. I'll take the regulars over the "crisps" any day!

Both are pretty good for a salty 100 calorie pack.

Someone's messing with my EZ Cheez!

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