Monday, May 26, 2008


I loved the cookie ones!! They should make a bag of just the Reese's cookies!

I kept seeing these at Costco, but only in bulk. Finally, not being able to find a single bar at any drug store or supermarket, I broke down and bought the whole 40-bar box at Costco! They were pretty good, but the novelty wore off. My students liked them though. And now I see single bars everywhere!

I loved the banana part -- it was thick and crunchy and yummy!

Same flavor, just bat-shaped. But I find the consistency in any Reese's other than the original to be fluffier and not as peanut-y... like the Easter bunny Reese's or Christmas Tree Reese's. I'll stick to the original cups.

Really good! But I like the York Peppermint Patty 100 calorie wafer bars better, if I have to choose.

Love the way these fit in my mouth! Just let them melt on your tongue!

Haven't tried it yet, but DAMN it looks good!

Perfect size, perfect taste -- great to keep in the freezer for a little snack!

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