Monday, July 14, 2008

New Stuff for Summer

Looks delicious -- not sure if they're available yet though

Very tasty and crispy -- added them to regular white chips + red salsa -- red white & blue!

I think these are only available in Europe -- worth a trip!!!

Saw it online -- haven't seen it in stores yet -- looks like too much going on in one candy bar

Just like Teddy Grahams -- nothing special

Just a cute way to package them -- great for car cup holders. Target had them in the clearance section -- not sure why.

Blecch! I'm a purist when it comes to rice krispie treats!

They look good, but again -- I don't like flavored coffee
I'm dying to find these! They premiered at the Candy Expo in Chicago last month. Let me know if you see them!

Top o' the muffin TO YOU!

Probably pretty good!

Nothing special -- and tough to dip or spread stuff on

I hate white chocolate

Everything seems to come in these new Acai and Pomegranate flavors these days

For Brett, not me!!

I like plain Cheetos. But they sure are coming out with lots of limited edition Cheetos flavors...

More vintage packaging -- I love it!


Bekki said...

I love your info!!! Hope you don't mind if I add it to my favorites on my blog page!!

Cybele said...

I'm glad you liked the photos from Candy Blog. Maybe you could attribute them in the future.