Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Goodies!

But only available in Vermont!!

Just a different shape -- nothing special

They look yummy!

They ARE yummy!

Mom would love them


Nikki loves her HBOO...

Again, just a new shape -- nothing special -- although I hate Spongebob

EWWW! They look GROSS!!!

HP keeps rolling out the new flavors all of a sudden!

Nothing new, just a new name "Munch Packs" -- and they're not 100 calories -- look at the fine print: 130-140 calories

The Macaroni & Cheese Crackers are new -- boy, I guess sales are doing well -- surprised they came out with another related product so soon after the introduction

More new flavors
They look delicious!
New flavor
These are SO YUMMY! They really make your mouth COLD!!! Expensive, though -- $1.59 a package -- but worth it!! I bought a bunch!!

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