Saturday, June 28, 2008

There's always something new at Target

WHERE DID THESE COME FROM??!?!? I didn't even know M&Ms were coming out with them! They were expensive... $3.99 per box (and the boxes are small) so I just bought dark chocolate mint and mocha. Haven't tried them yet, but will let you know!

They look delicious, but I only eat cereal dry, and mini-wheats dry aren't too appealing. But I may still try them.

Linda loves it!

Perfect for Marley!

Haven't tried them yet. Love the pouches, though.

I tried the regular flavor, but not the Honey Nut yet.

100-calorie stuff ROCKS!

I definitely prefer minty gum over fruity gum. But this lost its flavor pretty quickly.

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nkd said...

I can't find the post with the crackers that are pretzels on one side but we are loving them, despite their non-healthful nature.

Also, you already HAVE a picture of the M&M's premiums.

Lastly, you need to learn how to use "tags". That way, someone can click M&M's and every post with an M&M product will come up...