Monday, June 23, 2008

Still finding new products every week!

I haven't tried it yet (waiting for diet) but it has ginseng or green tea or something funky in it!

Pomegranate is definitely the "hot new food" right now!

Sangria?!?!?! Linda will have to try this one!

I'm loving these new vintage packages! How adorable!

Lay's seems to come up with new products every freakin' week!

Not a different flavor, just different colors (blue and black) for the Batman movie tie-in

Linda says they're yummy!

Brett says they're yummy!

I like Craisins in my salad, but I don't know that I'd eat a "bag"

Doug got these from people in the food industry -- not released yet -- they were delicious! Like little granola clusters with a hint of Twix flavor.

For Marley to try!

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