Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lots of time on my hands this summer...

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katy said...

this is brilliant! it is--not to be overly dramatic--amazing to see how the food aisles appear to the food obsessed.

i can't wait to read more.

i knew you looked different--150 pounds, wow! i have never been able to lose weight unless i get food poisoning or am nursing a baby. i admire you.

when i want to buy things but am trying to not spend money, i make a little trading card of the item so i can still kind of own it. these pictures remind me of that. do you really buy them all and take just a taste? or is it enough to have the photos of the insane flavors of oreo?

you should be a writer for impulsive buy. they were hiring a while ago!

i hope i don't regret leaving this self-absorbed comment. i'm very excited about your blog.