Thursday, January 13, 2011


DELICIOUS -- I bought 3 more boxes! Kids love them too.

Bought 'em (sea salt, not sour cream & onion), haven't tried them yet.

Cute for Superbowl

Brett loves his Vitamin Water... but didn't love this new flavor. Besides, it's blue. Who drinks blue stuff?

Both are probably delicious, but DEADLY

Liked the regular milk chocolate ones -- pretty big drops! I don't love white chocolate, so the cookies & cream ones didn't do it for me.

The new Wendy's Frosty key-tag -- Donate $1.00 and get a free junior Frosty with ANY Wendy's purchase through June 2011. Who WOULDN'T do this??

New flavors that look good -- waiting for a "soup day"

WTF? Cooking Creme?

New packaging, which I HATE....
Looks so GENERIC!!!!

Bought 'em, have them at work, haven't tried them yet -- but can't imagine they're not outstanding!

Um, YUM??!!!!

Tried the brisket (eh, just okay) but not the pastrami yet. Dad?

PERFECT SIZE, and no wrappers!

Love the retro stuff!
Looking forward to trying this
Coconut, blecch

So many new Entenmann's products!

Their stores can't seem to stay open, but new food products keep coming from ColdStone...

Sorry, Brett, it's not Golden Topped Walnut Cake...

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Anonymous said...

tha almond joy international delights (a Dean company) was awesome - had it in NY and can't find it in texas!