Sunday, February 28, 2010

Always new food products! No matter when or where!

I really hate Peeps -- pure sugar -- but Mom and I have a "thing" -- so a new Peep product is very exciting!!

Not sure the difference between these and "Flipsides" -- must just be Nabisco's version. Bought the "buttery flavor" -- will bring to work tomorrow

I tried the Energy Bar flavor -- pretty good, but nothing special or different from every other peanut/granola bar out there

DELICIOUS! I bought the dark chocolate graham flavor, of course!

New flavors -- Brett didn't like them (and he's obsessed with Vitamin Water)

New "Zero calorie" Vitamin Waters. Why, because the 10-calorie ones were too high in calories?


I just liked the word "bumpalicious" on the package

Not a cereal eater (with milk, anyway) -- but these are great dry!

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