Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Goodies!

JoJo Energy Drink! I managed to get a free sample from a man in a "JoJo truck" with a "JoJo t-shirt"!

TWO new Reese's products!! Haven't tried them yet, but what could be wrong???

Eh, not as good as the other Cakesters flavors.

Also -- looked a lot better than they were. Basically I only liked the Creamy Caramel flavor (the others didn't even taste like Twix) -- and they were just littler-skinnier versions of regular Twix.

No new flavor, just different designs with blue (??) filling

They tasted a little like peanut butter & jelly -- a little too sweet for me -- and I would have preferred a grape flavor over strawberry. Pretty strange that M&Ms hasn't ever come out with a peanut butter & jelly flavor...

Not good at all. Thought they would be stacked, but YOU have to stack the flavors together.

I've been to Coldstone twice in my entire life (too much sugar), but believe it or not -- one time was this past weekend! I tried the Chocolate Jell-O pudding flavor, not the Butterscotch. But the chocolate was actually delicious -- and had a pudding consistency!

Thought I liked it at first (reminded me of strawberry soda from Winnewald Summer Camp!) -- but after a few more sips, too fruity and sweet. Michelle got the leftovers -- enjoy, Michelle!

Haven't tried them yet, but they look pretty good!

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