Monday, November 17, 2008

A long wait, but worth it!

Who would buy these WITHOUT sugar??

Not a Crunch & Munch fan, but looks good if I were!

Holiday shapes

Not sure if these are new or not, but new to the blog

Just like a Hostess cake -- and YUMMY!

Hershey's is gonna run out of new flavors for kisses soon!! I've seen EVERYTHING lately!

Crunchy Junior Mints -- priceless!

More Kisses

Delicious new pretzel waves! I actually like the yogurt ones the best!

Cheddar and parmesan too... I'll take vanilla yogurt and dark chocolate over these any day!

Actually very good! Mild, not too artificial tasting... and no messy orange fingers!

New Ritz snack mix

Perfect for hot chocolate season!

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